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Year 5

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Mrs Doyle (Class Teacher)

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Mrs Metcalf (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Young (Teaching Assistant)

In Year 5, we are enthusiastic learners and are encouraged to try our best in everything we do. We are expected to work hard, but we have a lot of fun along the way! 

We thoroughly enjoy all of our learning activities, especially being challenged in our maths work. We also love doing our English books and impressing our teachers with our own writing! In the Autumn term we go on an exciting trip to study the stars and planets at the Royal Greenwich Observatory. 

In the Spring term we read the book “Cosmic” – a hilarious and exciting story which inspires our own writing to impress our teachers. We also go on a trip to Lullingstone Park to study our river topic in geography. 

To round up the year, we look at how monarchy has shaped our country and how things look today. 

We have great fun in Year 5 as we take more responsibility for ourselves and our learning as we get ready for the final year of primary school.

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