Parish Church of England Primary School

School Meals

At Parish Church of England Primary School, children are able to have a healthy school meal (provided by Nourish) or bring a healthy packed lunch to school. 

For school meals, provided by Nourish, children have the choice between a meat option, a vegetarian option or a jacket potato each day, which are popular with the children. 

Hot Lunches are now provided free of charge for all pupils in Primary School.  


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REMEMBER....We are a Nut Free School - A reminder that our school endeavours, as far as possible, to be a nut-free school. We have a number of students in school who have severe nut allergies and can be seriously affected by someone else who is eating - or may have recently eaten - nuts. Even if you eat a product containing nuts, this can have a serious effect on a student later on in the classroom.