Parish Church of England Primary School

Our Ethos

Parish Church of England Primary School seeks to serve its community by providing excellent and creative education in a Christian setting.

Believing that all people are created and loved by God, Parish School has a real and deep concern for each individual, rooted in an ethos, which welcomes and affirms.  All are to feel valued and each pupil is to have the very best chance of personal and educational development. 

Learning and teaching is to be of the highest quality and personalised in order to meet individual needs. This will lead to excellent standards of achievement and the opportunity for each pupil to realise her or his learning potential. Parish School pupils will become confident, independent and happy lifelong learners who take responsibility for their choices in a diverse and rapidly changing world.

Our Vision

Our Vision is of a School:

  • which provides excellent and creative education in a Christian setting
  • which has a dedicated and hard-working staff, working in partnership with parents to provide an environment where children grow and have a thirst for their learning
  • where children enjoy a rich and exciting curriculum with a wide range of additional artistic musical and sporting activities for all ages
  • where all feel valued and where all are learning to care for one another

Our Vision is of pupils who, when they leave:

  • are enthusiastic about continuing to learn and take responsibility for themselves and their own learning
  • accept their share in the responsibility of all for the world and society
  • embrace values which will enable them to live with respect, generosity, integrity and care
  • are able to embrace change whilst holding to their core values

In order to achieve this vision we identify the following as areas for development during the next three years.

Partnership with parents

  • We wish to see parents and carers increasingly viewing themselves as full partners in the education of their children.
  • The development of our Virtual Learning Environment which enables high levels of good quality communication between home and school, and clear benefits to pupil learning outside the school day.
  • Parents feeling involved and fully informed.
  • An increase in attendance levels.
  • The development of learning opportunities for parents and carers.

Development of Staff

  • We wish to see staff enjoying a rich and rewarding professional experience offering high quality professional development and a real sense of being valued.
  • All staff will receive appropriate training to fulfil their teaching and managerial responsibilities.
  • All staff will receive training to enhance their professional development and time to reflect upon their practise within staff training and PPA time.
  • All staff will receive equitable training to enable the school’s vision and values to be achieved.
  • The school will use the principles of Best Value as laid out in the FMSIS statement to achieve the highest quality staff training and development.


  • We wish to see our curriculum serving the needs of each pupil as an individual and will promote this through such developments as these:-
  • The introduction of learning and teaching strategies which further improve children’s abilities to understand how well they are progressing and what they need to do next to improve.
  • Further development of our work with gifted and talented pupils.
  • Data driven annual decisions on interventions to address identified anomalies in attainment.


  • We wish to continue to develop the high quality of the school's creative activities and to enhance opportunities for creativity in learning.
  • The increased use of our grounds to optimise outdoor learning.
  • Enabling children to develop their economic understanding through creative links with the world of business.
  • Creating learning enterprise projects with our friends in the IPC, both locally and internationally.
  • The full implementation of creative curriculum. Continuing to invest in musical excellence.

Planning for development of the Aquinas Trust

  • We wish to continue to develop the learning and teaching of both Parish and the schools in the Aquinas Trust effectively and promote their vision. We shall plan carefully in order to facilitate this. Ensure that the new Parish learning environment meets the needs of the learners and is fit for purpose
  • Embrace new opportunities in ICT and maintain a high level of resourcing in all educational aspects.
  • Develop the role of the new leadership team and ensure that the skills and talents of all staff at Parish  are used and nurtured throughout the Aquinas Trust to the benefit of high quality learning and teaching.

As part of the Aquinas Trust the school is committed to the Aquinas ethos and values.

Read the Aquinas Trust Values

Spirituality statement

As a Church of England Trust, we teach an awareness that is greater than the immediate and an appreciation of the awe and wonder of God’s love. We value the beauty and diversity of creation and all humanity, whilst courageously and prayerfully addressing big questions and small details.  We develop spirituality which inspires us to work with our communities to live life in all its fullness, reflect God's love and support our mission of 'Life - Transforming - Learning.'