Maths Learning Strands

At Parish, children have access to a full, stimulating, creative curriculum. The children’s mathematical skills are developed through an integrated programme of arithmetic, reasoning and problem solving, and then extended throughout all other curriculum areas.

At Parish school we aim for all pupils to

  • Be confident mathematicians
  • Be able to recall key number facts, such as number bonds and times tables 
  • Confidently use a range of manipulatives to both investigate and support different mathematical concepts
  • Use a wealth of mathematical vocabulary
  • Make connections between different areas of maths
  • Be able to explain their reasoning 
  • Work with others to support, challenge, problem solve and investigate
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards their learning
  • Recognise when they need support, asking for help when possible
  • Apply mathematical concepts to other curriculum areas, such as Science and Geography

Organisation of Learning and Teaching

The Maths curriculum is based on schemes of work from White Rose, which uses the mastery approach to embed fluency. Mathematical blocks are broken into small steps, allowing pupils opportunities to master each component of a concept before moving on to the next. Pupils are taught to develop their mathematical thinking through the use  of varying representations.

Across the school, pupils will be given opportunities to develop their rapid recall of number facts, ability to answer arithmetic and understanding of how to break reasoning and problem solving into manageable parts. 

Pupils have access to a range of manipulatives, including dienes/ base 10, Numicon, place value counters, protractors and shapes. Every pupil in the school has access to Numbots, Times Tables Rockstars and EdShed- online platforms when number facts can be practised and consolidation work set by teachers.


All children are provided with equal access to our Maths curriculum. We provide suitable learning opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity or home background. We expect the vast majority of our pupils to achieve age related expectations in Maths. Provision is made for children who require extra support through targeted teaching; differentiated teaching and independent work, intervention groups, home learning platforms and resourcing.


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