Current Members


Trust appointed Members:  

  • Jane Parry
  • Nicci Cooper
  • Ruth Balman
  • Rev. Alan Keeler (Chair)
  • Rev. James Harratt

Parent Members:                   

  • Kate Carr
  • Nicola Burnett

Staff Member:

  • Catherine Sykes


  • Rachel Coleman

The Chair of the AAC can be contacted via email to the school office

Meet our AAC Members

Kellie Davis - Chair

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I have been chair of the AAC since January 2020, as well as being heavily involved in FOPS for many years. Both my children have gone to Parish - one is still attending, while the other has moved on to secondary.

I have a background in international business and logistics.

Jane Parry

I’ve been involved with Parish for the past twelve years in various capacities.  Our three children flourished as young learners Parish, and I became actively involved as a parent in the governance of the school.  Ten years ago, I was elected as a parent governor – a role I really enjoyed and which inspired me to retrain as a teacher.  I became heavily involved in the governance of the curriculum, which eventually led to me becoming Chair of Governors.  With the movement from governance to advisory council, I chaired the transition through the initial few years of the AAC.  Since 2018, I’ve joined Parish as a class teacher working in Year 4 and 5.  

In my role on the AAC, I bring a wealth of experience having worked in the education sector for the last nine years.  Prior to that, I worked for twelve years in the telecommunications industry giving strategic market advice to global telecoms providers, suppliers and regulators. 

I joined the Parish team in order to help children maximise their potential in life, inspiring a love of learning and engendering a greater sense of curiosity about the challenges of the world facing our future generations.

Nicci Cooper

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I am from South Africa originally although the UK has been my home now for 15 years and Bromley for the past 7 years. I am a single mum with a 6-year-old daughter.  

I have a strong Christian faith and I am currently part of a church plant in the local area. 

As both a parent and a member of the local community, I have a genuine appreciation for the herculean efforts of the school and the Aquinas Trust in these challenging times and really wanted to contribute to the continued success of both.

Ruth Balman

I have worked in investment banks for over 20 years in a variety of roles spanning different products and functions. I currently work in Prime Derivatives Sales at Barclays.

I started as a governor at Parish in 2015 and then transitioned to the Aquinas Advisory Council when the structure changed.

I live locally with my husband and two daughters having moved to the area in 2014. Our eldest joined Parish in reception in 2018 and our youngest is due to join in 2021.

Rev. Alan Keeler

The Vicar 2

I think that education is one of the most important features of our society and have always been so pleased to see what takes place at Parish Primary School. Education is about the formation of the whole child and with its committed Christian ethos the children of Parish Primary are valued and given a wonderful foundation for their lives. It is a privilege to be part of the school community and be able to make contributions to the life of worship and as an Advisor on several committees.

Rev. James Harratt

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I have been the Vicar of St. Peter and Paul, Bromley since November 2018, joining the AAC at Parish in 2020, and relish the chance to help support the school and the vital role it plays in Bromley. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, walking and baking.

Kate Carr

As mum to Leo (Y5) and Bea (Y2), I’ve been actively involved at Parish for more than five years, first as Reading Volunteer, then as a member of FOPS and now, since 2020, as a parent member of the AAC. I have a background in communications, campaigning and fundraising, all of which I hope puts me in good stead to continue to support the Parish community.

Nicola Burnett


My son, Jake, is in Year 2. He absolutely enjoys each and every day at Parish and I am keen to do what I can to help build an environment where all children feel happy, nurtured and valued. As a primary school teacher in the Bromley borough, my skills and knowledge of primary education complement those of the other members of the AAC. 

Catherine Sykes


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