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Each and every penny FOPS raises is ploughed back into the school community - whether it's for purchasing new equipment or putting on events for the children to enjoy. 

2019/20 was an unusual year for FOPS (and for everyone else!) due to Covid 19. But despite many of our events being cancelled, we still managed to generate a profit of £15,177.

Since the start of the new term, FOPS has purchased new computers for each of the 21 classrooms (at a cost of just under £10,000).


While Covid 19 will inevitably mean many of our usual events will be cancelled, we are still keen to do what we can to raise money and to put on fun, safe events for the children. If you have any suggestions or, even better, can help make those suggestions a reality, please get in touch.

Amazon Smile

FOPS has just joined to Amazon Smile. By signing up, you still get to browse the same wide selection of products as you would on The difference is that when you do it through Amazon Smile, they give a donation, 0.5% of the value of your purchases. It may only be small individual amounts but as a school community it can soon add up!
So, why not start supporting FOPS today using one of the following ways.
1. Visit Check the charity selected is The PTA of Parish C of E Primary school.
2. Go to your Amazon account, Settings. Select AmazonSmile and search for The PTA of Parish C of E Primary School.
Please pass on this link to any other family and friends that would consider signing up to this scheme. It’s a great way of generating funds for the school at no extra cost to you

Individual donations

Usually most of the funds we raise come from the events that we organise, but this year things will undoubtedly be different. Unfortunately, with budgets extremely tight, the work of FOPS is more important than ever. As such, we would be extremely grateful to receive individual donations too - every penny really does count. You can make a one-off online donation via PTA Events.

Match funding

If you work for a large or independent organisation, please take just a couple of minutes to check whether they offer match funding - an easy and completely free way to raise money for our school. In 2018 we increased the total Summer Fair profit by a whopping £1k through match funding, so it really is worth it!

Easy fundraising

Have you signed up to Easy Fundraising – a free and easy way to raise funds for our school just by shopping online? Find out how it works by visiting 


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