Meet the team

The work of FOPS is led by a team of parents and carers at the school.  

We’re a friendly bunch of people who are committed to raising money for the school through a programme of events that the whole school community can enjoy. 

We’re always looking for new people to get involved. We know that not everyone has the time to spare to take on a full committee role, but if you have ideas to share or skills that could help us out in some way, please do let us know! 

The Committee meets regularly, and there’s an AGM held in the early Autumn Term. 

Here's a list of our current team: 


  • Anjula Pindard 

Vice Chair 

  • Claire Bird 


  • Andrew McCleery 


  • Lucy Jinete 

Social media coodinators 

  • Victoria Phillips, Manisha Sharma 

Eco Reps 

  • Eilidh Tickle 

  • Maria Staines 

Committee Members  

  • Debra Dewar 

  • Karyn Simioni 

  • Andrew Verkade 

  • Charlotte Martenstyn 

  • Tracy O'Hanlon 

  • Hannah Harr 

  • Simon Harr 

  • Louise Ravayeh 

  • Hari Sivasubramaniam 

  • Jo Sweeney 

  • Sian West 

  • Andrew Marshall 

  • Kathryn Wild 

Teacher Representatives 

  • Mrs Mattless 

  • Miss Bates 


  • Mrs Coleman (Head Teacher) 

We're always happy to get feedback, so if you have any comments, ideas or suggestions, please get in touch 

Committee papers

The 2020/21 Annual General Meeting was held (virtually) on 8 October. You can read the minutes and associated papers below.

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