School Meals

At Parish, children are able to have school dinners (provided by Nourish) bring a packed lunch to school.

Nut Free Zone Reminder that out school endeavours, as far as possible, to be a nut-free school. We have quite a number of students in school who have severe nut allergies and can be seriously affected by someone else who is eating - or may have recently eaten - nuts. Even if you eat a product containing nuts, this can have a serious effect on a student later on in the classroom. Disclaimer: Although we strive to be a nut-free school, it is impossible to provide an absolute guarantee that no nuts will be brought onto the premises.


Payment for school dinners is via


Please note: If your child has school dinners, your School Meal account must be in credit for a meal to be provided.


School meals are free to those in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 as Universal Infant Free School Meals. However you may be eligible to apply for funding called the Pupil Premium grant. By applying for Free School Meals (Pupil Premium) you could earn an extra £1320 for our school that will contribute to a range of interventions depending on your child's needs.

You can check your eligibility in the following ways:

  • The preferred method is to apply for free school meals using the link below to the Bromley council website

Free School Meals


  • Alternatively click on the links below to download the application form and notes and then return the completed form to the school office



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