School Day

8.40am: Side gates open.  Children can go to their classes.        

8.55am: School starts and the register is taken.

10.15am: Morning break for YR-Y2.

10:30am: Morning break for Y3-Y4.

10:45am: Morning break for Y5-Y6

12.00noon: Lunch begins for YR-Y2.

12.15pm: Lunch begins for Y3-Y4.

12.30pm: Lunch begins for Y5-Y6.

1.00pm: Afternoon school begins for YR-Y2

1.15pm: Afternoon school begins for Y3-Y4.

1.30pm: Afternoon school begins for Y5-Y6.

2.30pm: YR-Y2 playtime.

3.20pm: School finishes for all children




Monday: Whole School Collective Worship

Tuesday: Class/Phase Collecyove Worship

Wednesday: Family Worship (lead by a class and visiting clergy)

Thursday: Class/Phase Collective Worship

Friday: Celebration Worship (Awards including 'Pupil of the Week')

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