Pupil Voice

At Parish we believe that pupils should play an active, constructive and appropriate role in their own learning, the learning of their peers and the development of their school communities. Teachers have always sought to ensure that pupils are able to articulate their views and participate effectively in their learning and in the wider life of their school communities. 

Pupil voice is about pupils having the opportunity to have a say in decisions in school that affect them. This may be done through questionnaires, pupil interviews and our school council.  This is made up of our class captains, one from every class from Reception to Year 6.  They meet on a regular basis with Mrs Fox, who oversees their meetings.

Spring 1 Meeting

School Council Meeting Minutes

Friday 24th January 2020


All Year Groups (Y1-6), Mrs Madeleine Fox, Class Teacher and Mrs Kellie Davis (Chair of AAC)

*Do you have a better understanding of what History and Geography are as separate subjects now that we do not teach them as IPC?

  • All year groups felt that they knew when they were being taught History or Geography, and that their teachers made it clear.
  • KS2 were able to explain that History was the study of the past, and Geography was the study of places, land and the world.
  • All year groups could identify whether their Autumn topic had been a History or Geography topic.
  • Class Captains talked about looking at famous people, wars, monarchy and empires in History
  • Class Captains talked about developing map skills, understanding nature and physical and human features of the world in Geography.
  • UKS2 had an understanding of how the two subjects are linked, and that without one, you cannot understand the other as well.

*Discussion around the school day and timings

  • Year 6 feel they have too little time for lunch, and that they are being rushed before they’ve even sat down.
  • All year groups agreed that sometimes they do not see their year group’s sign, and are then in late for lunch. Y6 suggested having an additional sign- especially for those in the Quiet Area.
  • When asked if they could identify the part of lunch where the most issues arose, Y1-Y4 said it was after eating as they’ve already had a long play. Y5-Y6 said it was either just before they went in , because they were very hungry and in a bad mood, or in the little bit before the bell rings. Y5 said they felt they got bored of each other.
  • When asked if they would like the school day to end earlier, all said yes. When asked which part of their ‘free time’ they would give up in order to do so, responses were very mixed. KS1 wanted to lose their afternoon break, whilst UKS2 wanted to go out to lunch later, have less time on the playground before they eat, but then have a little more after. Y3-Y4 said they would prefer an earlier break and lunch, and then to shorten lunch.
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