Learning Attitudes

At Parish, we believe that children learn best when they are encouraged and praised for the effort that they put into their learning and thinking. We have created learning attitudes as a way of promoting positive attitudes towards learning through core values and ways of thinking. The aim is to change students’ negative attitudes towards learning and focusing their thinking by promoting a growth mindset and not a fixed one. Children’s effort and thinking are praised, not just their successes, to ensure that the process of getting to their success is appreciated. 

Attitudes are learned behaviours which are highly susceptible to change. By introducing these core ways of thinking, that are strongly linked to the four ways of thinking in Philosophy for Children, we will be helping to shape the children’s attitudes within the classroom and beyond. These learning attitudes will act as a motivational tool and focus to show collaborative, caring, critical and creative thinking. We want children to love challenge, be intrigued by mistakes and enjoy effort. 

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