Collective Worship (assemblies)

As a school our core values are respect, generosity, honesty, integrity, care and trust. These values will define the way we view the world; our personal relationships, and our vision for the school.  In order for pupils of all ages to understand these values we promote them through the teaching of the Fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control).

Over a three year cycle we focus on one or two of these ‘fruits’ in order to deepen our Christian character and shape the relationships between all members of the school community or one of our core values.  This year we are focussing on Values Group 2.


The Christian Faith is at the heart of Parish School, and so collective worship has a high priority in the school’s daily life. Collective worship promotes the school’s ethos and values.


Our worship is structured:                                

  • Monday - Whole School Worship
  • Tuesday - YR/Y1 Birthday Prayers/Y2-Y6 Worship Together
  • Wednesday - Family Worship, led by a class
  • Thursday - Phase or Class Worship
  • Friday - Celebration Worship


Faith at Home

As we are unable to hold assemblies all together at the moment, please make use of the resources published by the Church of England.

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