Christian Values


Parish Church of England Primary School seeks to serve its community by providing excellent and creative education in a Christian setting.

Believing that all people are created and loved by God, Parish School has a real and deep concern for each individual, rooted in an ethos which welcomes and affirms. All are to feel valued and each pupil is to have the very best chance of personal and educational development.

Learning and teaching is to be of the highest quality and personalised in order to meet individual needs. This will lead to excellent standards of achievement and the opportunity for each pupil to realise her or his learning potential. Parish School pupils will become confident, independent and happy lifelong learners who take responsibility for their choices in a diverse and rapidly changing world.

Parish School will promote the broadest possible personal development of pupils and staff. Spiritual, moral, social, cultural, physical, emotional and creative development will be set in the context of the school’s Christian ethos. In particular Parish School will seek to stimulate in its pupils a real respect for, and generosity towards each other along with honesty and integrity. These values will define the way we view the world; our personal relationships, and our vision for the school. The school is a place where pupils and staff are cared for and trusted and where they learn to care for and trust one other


The nurture and development of children is achieved through partnership between the children; their parents and carers; the school, and a number of other agencies working in the community. As Parish School seeks to fulfil its own role in this process it encourages parents and carers to see themselves as full partners in its work.

As we promote care for one another within the school so we shall care for people in need beyond our community. We shall also care for our environment by managing the school site and buildings in sustainable ways.

The Christian Faith is at the heart of Parish School, and so collective worship has a high priority in the school’s daily life. Collective worship promotes the school’s ethos and values; it is of high quality and is planned to engage all members of the school’s community.

Parish School’s distinctive ethos and approach are offered to all and form the basis for our vision of the purpose and development of the school as a Christian learning community.

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