More Able and Talented

At Parish, we are dedicated to ensuring that all children are given the support and opportunities required to meet and indeed exceed their potential, not least our more able learners. We continually seek to identify more able pupils throughout their time at Parish in order to nurture and enhance their skills, whether this is be in the core and curriculum subjects or indeed extra-curricular areas. Through our partnership with NACE and our fellow trust schools, we have the opportunity to collaborate in Nace logo small 2order to provide innovative methods to stretch the more able in their class learning. Examples of this include the implementation of a mastery mathematics curriculum with a great emphasis on problem solving; a science curriculum focusing on practical discovery and enquiry skills; literacy learning which prioritises talk and discussion to inform and support high-quality meaningful writing and the implementation of schemes of work such as Philosophy for Children to enhance and extend deeper thinking skills.

Our more able pupils are also provided with regular opportunities to advance their talents through a variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities, from chamber choir to competitive sport. These clubs allow teachers, who are themselves passionate in these particular areas, to further identify and nurture these talents and where appropriate help the children and their families access specialist pathways to move on to the next level. Similarly, our pupils are regularly given opportunities to showcase their talents, both academic and extracurricular, in a range of assemblies, competitions and events. To date Parish students have taken part in: trust wide debates, more able science days for chemistry and physics, Aquinas Maths Challenges, various sporting tournaments – including football, tag rugby and cross country and a trust-wide poetry slam, to name but a few. These opportunities also provide the children with the impetus to challenge themselves.

Having been identified by their teachers as more able, our More Able Lead ensures that each individual child’s progress is monitored throughout their time at Parish. This is done through a variety of ways, but most importantly by the More Able Lead entering into a dialogue with the children, to ensure that they feel supported in their endeavour to be the very best that they can be.

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