Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

At Parish we believe that pupils should play an active, constructive and appropriate role in their own learning, the learning of their peers and the development of their school communities. Teachers have always sought to ensure that pupils are able to articulate their views and participate effectively in their learning and in the wider life of their school communities.

Pupil voice is about pupils having the opportunity to have a say in decisions in school that affect them. This may be done through questionnaires, pupil interviews and our school council.  This is made up of our class captains, one from every class from Reception to Year 6.  They meet on a regular basis with Mrs Fox, who oversees their meetings.


Reading is part of our school improvement plan this year.  The school council have been sharing their thoughts on this subject.  They have thought about what they like, what they dislike or would like to see improved and particular books they would like.  Their ideas have been shared with Mrs Thomas, our Literacy Manager and the SLT who will arrange to meet with them.

Here are their thoughts:


  • Reception - different characters, lots of choice
  • Y1 - reading with adults, different books, good for phonics
  • Y2 - choosing own books, PoR, poetry
  • Y3 - wide variety of genres, good library
  • Y4 - good range of books
  • Y5 - different genres, reading time built into the day
  • Y6 - wide range of choices, mulitple chances for reading sessions

Dislikes/Things to improve

  • Reception - some books look tired and need replacing
  • Y1 - some books are boring, outside reading time
  • Y2 - not enough 'Free Reader' books or Purple/Lime/Turquoise book band books or books without pictures
  • Y3 - not enough chapter books, bigger variety of 'band' books
  • Y4 - not enough picture books/shorter books for fun, easier books
  • Y5 - not enough popular books
  • Y6 - lots of damaged books, few 'young adult' books, more chances to use the library

Books we would like

  • Reception - Princess Stories, TV based stories, non-fiction
  • Y1 - non-fiction, maths books
  • Y2 - book band books, familiar/chart books, shorted chapter books
  • Y3 - different genres, popular books
  • Y4 - popular/current books
  • Y5 - non-fiction books, picture books, easier books, comics, popular books
  • Y6 - non-fiction books, popular books, newer books, easier books


  • David Walliams
  • Disney
  • Horrid Henry
  • Rainbow Fairies
  • Harry Potter
  • Tom Gates books
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Quentin Blake
  • Minecraft
  • Beast Quest
  • The Hobbit
  • Guiness World Records
  • Roald Dahl
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