Midday Supervisors

Our midday supervisors at Parish work together to ensure that all our pupils enjoy their lunch breaks.  The role covers three main areas:

  • Supervising the children having lunch
  • Facilitating playgorund activities and games
  • Dealing with any behaviour issues that may arise

Each midday supervior covers all these duties but will focus on one area during a particular week on a rota basis.  We have called the different areas:

  • Lunch Leaders
  • Play Partners
  • Behaviour Buddies

Lunch Leaders

  • Manage the children having lunch in the gym and the hall
  • Model and reinforce good eating habits
  • Ensure children are having a healthy, a balanced lunch
  • Ensure the gym and hall are not overcrowded and manage the flow of children in and out

Play Partners

  • Organise and lead playground games
  • Demonstrate and teach playground games
  • Limit different games to different areas of the playground
  • Lead games appropriate for specific age ranges
  • Be a point of contact for children if the have no one to play with

Behaviour Buddies

  • Monitor the behaviour of children on the playground
  • Be a point of contact for children if they have a problem or concern
  • Set appropriate sanctions for behaviour in line with the school behaviour policy
  • Liaise with members of staff in the behaviour room

Our reception class have a named midday supervisors as their point of contact.

Our midday supervisors are:

  • Mrs J Marchant (Senior Midday Supervisor)
  • Mrs S Bennett
  • Mrs C Burrell
  • Mrs S Gassem
  • Mrs J Guy
  • Mrs J Harnet
  • Mrs J Johnson
  • Mrs A Khair
  • Ms A Mina
  • Mrs B Nye
  • Mrs J Sandow
  • Mrs A Swift
  • Mrs S Wade
  • Mrs L Wellfair
  • Ms C West
  • Mrs S Rahamatali - maternity leave


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