Learning Support Staff

Our learning support staff work with pupils to help them achieve their full potential.  This may involve working 1-1 with children with specific needs or working with small groups of children.  They assist the teacher to create the best learning environment possible. Learning support staff are deployed throughout the school based on the needs of each class and year group.

Our HLTAs (Higher Level Teaching Assistants) are:

  • Mrs D Goldsmith
  • Mrs J Shaw
  • Mrs S Stocking
  • Mrs J Sutton

Our Learning Support Staff are:

  • Mrs S Bennett
  • Mrs J Bowyer
  • Mrs Y Blunn
  • Mrs J Bridges
  • Ms M Bruneau
  • Miss Z Brunsdon
  • Mrs A Candish
  • Mrs V Chandler
  • Mrs S Chaterjee
  • Mrs K Corke
  • Mr K Daly
  • Mrs O Duggan
  • Mrs F Elliott
  • Mrs S Gassem
  • Mrs C Gorman
  • Mrs J Harney
  • Mrs A Khair
  • Mrs J Johnson
  • Mrs J Marchant
  • Mrs S Sanders
  • Mrs S Smith
  • Mrs G Try
  • Mrs T Urquhart-Proctor
  • Mrs S Wade
  • Mrs C West
  • Mrs A Young
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