Year 5 Quartz

welcome to quartz!

Mrs phillips is our Class Teacher

In Year 5 Quartz class, children will develop their love of learning and independent learning skills through embarking on a gripping voyage of discovery throughout the year.


We begin the Autumn term with the topic “Myths & Legends” - travelling back in time to discover story-telling trends and beliefs across the globe from ancient times until today. We will also find out about local folklore with a visit to Chislehurst Caves! Our Power of Reading book is “The Adventures of Odysseus” through which children will learn about Greek mythology.

During the Spring term, we will launch our learning into a wider than global view with an IPC unit entitled “Our Place in Space”. This unit aims to inform children about our solar system and how the position of the Earth within our solar system determines our seasons and routines. Children will further benefit from a visit to the Greenwich Observatory. Our Power of Reading book “Cosmic” will enhance and support our focus from a fictional, fun and comical perspective.

We will conclude the academic year in the Summer term by coming back to Earth and the present day with the topics “Climate Control” - which focuses on human effects on the environment and the consequences of these; and “Go with the Flow” which is a Geography-based unit focusing on rivers. This unit is greatly enhanced by our Year-group visit to Lullingstone Country Park, where the children are taught how to observe, measure and understand the many features of rivers. Our Power of Reading book is “Journey to the River Sea” which develops children’s learning still further and creates learning connections across a range of topics.

Year 5 is an exciting time! Please check our fronter page for weekly updates on learning, homework, trips and more. 

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