At Parish, we believe that mathematical understanding is a key skill that all children can and should be able to master.  Our curriculum aims to provide children with the opportunity to develop a curiosity for maths, develop enjoyment and passion for the subject, allow them to understand the world around them, and develop mathematical reasoning.  We dedicate our teaching to provide our children with a rich mathematics curriculum that allows them to gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

The National Curriculum 2014 promotes a 'mastery' approach to teaching and learning in Maths.  'Mastery' is a whole-school approach to teaching mathematics that aims to raise attainment for all pupils, whatever their starting point; and ensure that all pupils are in-line with national standards.  The programme aims to deepen pupil's understanding of key mathematical concepts.  We apply the 'Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract' method; this means that the children are always given the opportunity to understand a concept through using concrete manipulatives and representing it in pictures, before using numbers and symbols to represent their understanding.



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Mastery Curriculum at Parish 06th Mar 2018
Maths Mastery Information 01st Sep 2017
Maths Policy 18th Jan 2018
Year Group Topics and Teaching Methods 25th Jan 2018
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