Year 3 Agate

Geologistwelcome to agate!

Miss ward is our Class Teacher

Our curriculum is full of fun and excitement. In our classroom you will see how we have travelled back in time to see how our first ancestors survived this grueling world. We have a lively Power of Reading corner where we love to read exciting books. Maths is brought to life with characters such as: Pim, Squiggleworth, Count Fourways and our daily Big Maths challenges. At the end of the day we have a quiet time of reflection and prayer.

We love to listen and discuss stories, learn how to become budding geologists, or find out about the past through the mystery of caves and the layers of the earth. We will become intrepid explorers, innovative inventors and eco-warriors from the IPC and Science topics that we will be covering. Look at the Year 3 page on Fronter to find out more.

In Y3 Agate there are plenty of opportunities to shine. We have weekly star writers and a pupil of the week. Additionally tables work collaboratively to try and become the star table of the day. We also have times table challenges as well as Mathletics awards.

We are encouraged to take pride in our work and try our best to be kind and helpful. Everyone is valued and respected.

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