Parish V Warren Road, 24th November

Parish V Warren Road

Thursday 24th November saw the first boy’s football home fixture of the season, where Parish played host to a competitive Warren Road team. The game started at high tempo with midfielders J. Hodgson and L. La Borde quick to grab the early momentum and begin to control the game from the centre of the pitch. The Parish team showed great composure within the first few minutes of the game. Parish were able to build their attacks from the back through the intelligent and dominant play of N. Stonkus and J. Crew who remained calm under the pressure of early breaks from the visiting team. Unfazed by the Warren Road attacks, the Parish centre back partnership were able to calmly play the ball forward to M. Treacher who was the lynch pin of the side, linking together Parish’s dominate defence and dangerous attack.

Parish used their pace and direct running to great affect early on and it was only a matter of time until their persistent efforts on goal were rewarded. J. Hodgson produced what seemed to be an unbelievable goal straight from the corner kick, only for it to be ruled out as hitting the side netting by the diligent referee, Mr Coe. Parish continued to build their attacks and came close to scoring on multiple occasions, with the Warren Road goalkeeper proving to be a real asset to his side. The eventual breakthrough was courtesy of captain, L. La Borde, who combined well with the Parish wingers, meandering through the Warren Road defence before guiding the ball skilfully into the top corner of the oppositions net.  This well-deserved goal gave Parish a great deal of confidence and, from that point on, they were able to relax into the game and produce some brilliant passing football. A. Powell and D. Nugent provided regular outlets on the wings and used their pace and direct running to provide width for the Parish side allowing them to control the tempo of the game. Warren Road, who were performing valiantly in their attempts to penetrate the Parish defence, continued to be a threat on the counter attack, making sure that the defence, marshalled by goal keeper J. Batt needed to be on their toes.

Parish were keen to extend their lead and this eventually happened when striker, J. MacCallum was able to calmly despatch his effort into the Warren Road net, superbly finishing off excellent build up play from the Parish team. With such strength and depth to the Parish squad, Mr Samuels and Mr Powell were keen to introduce more variety and versatility to the Parish side through the introduction of S. Ness and K. Everett-Chambers. The pair were able to slot seamlessly onto the Parish flanks, using their speed and vision to provide a constant threat to the Warren Road team. H. Henriques was able to build upon the strong foundation provided by M. Treacher to turn defence into attack, with A. Bandalli using his strength and girt to regularly break up the Warren Road attacks at the core. Parish were rewarded for their trademark endurance and pressure with a third goal courtesy of the prolific J. Hodgson, who work tirelessly from beginning to end. Goalkeeper J. Harris-Wisden was able to continue pushing the Parish side forward, pegging Warren Road back in their half through his targeted passes.

Parish were eager to end the match on a high-note, this came to fruition when, following a Parish corner dominated by the imposing N. Stonkus, Parish were able to gain possession and push forward once again, allowing A. Bandalli to finish the game with a goal courtesy of the last kick of the ball. The triumphant Parish side were gracious in victory and were quick to congratulate the Warren Road team, a competitive opponent who competed in a commendable manner.

Final Score

Parish 4 – 0 Warren Road

Scorers: L. La Borde, J. MacCallum, J. Hodgson, A. Bandalli

MoM – L. La Borde – For dictating the tempo of the game from start to finish with his cool and composed skill and technique.

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