School Improvement Priorities


at parish we are continually striving to raise our standards and provision as well as provide opportunites to develop our staff and the wider community.  in order to improve this year we have set the following main priorities:


  • Appoint learning attitudes lead that will facilitate staff training and introduced programme.
  • Share learning attitudes with class and promote use.
  • Monitor learning attitudes during learning walks, drop ins and lesson observations.
  • Monitor attitudes during playtimes, lunchtimes, and moving around the school.
  • Create a whole school learning attitudes ethos including sharing information/workshops for parents.

Raise attainment and progress in reading and spelling

  • Analyse 2016-2017 data looking at progress of all groups; identify areas for improvement and set aspirational targets for each year group.
  • Appoint inspirational new literacy subject manager to lead on standards, provision and literacy curriculum.
  • Training on higher level reading comprehension skills and teaching spelling rules.
  • Whole school consistency in teaching of reading and spelling with opportunities for parental involvement.
  • Half termly cross phase meetings to moderate reading levels.
  • Quality first teaching using Target Tracker for planning.

Consistent use of formative assessment, which allows all pupils to make at least expected progress

  • Training on questioning, use of must, should could, and marking strategies.
  • New marking and feedback policy drawn up and shared with school community.
  • Target Tracker used and updated weekly to ensure planning, teaching and assessment becomes a united process and leads to quality first teaching.
  • Formative assessment ensures timely interventions are in place and progress is on track for all pupils.
  • New planning pro forma ensures staff are planning opportunities for formative assessment.

Provide access to high quality CPD (continual professional development) which supports the needs of all staff

  • Continue restructure of meetings so that they are focussed on CDP.
  • Plan schedule of optional twilight training sessions which are open to all staff
  • Plan training sessions based on SEF/SIP and SDP so that current issues are addressed.
  • Train staff to use BlueSky for managing training and take ownership of professional development.
  • Ensure CPD standards are met





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