School Improvement Priorities


at parish we are continually striving to raise our standards and provision as well as provide opportunites to develop our staff and the wider community.  in order to improve this year we have set the following main priorities:


Develop a robust curriculum that leads to outstanding provision in all subjects in all year groups

  • Develop systems to secure systematic and cumulative knowledge acquisition.
  •  Focus on expanding the vocabulary of all learners.
  • Ensure learners of all ages have regular opportunities to read age appropriate and high quality books. 
  • Develop knowledge of ideas and concepts across all subjects.  
  • Develop an interconnected web of concepts or schemata.
  • Refine schemes of work to show clear progression.
  • Provide staff CPD to ensure that quality first teaching occurs in all curriculum areas leading to improved outcomes for pupils. learning attitudes with class and promote use.

develop and embed systems and distributed leadership to improve provision of academy

  • Develop strategies to track progress of learners within year across all areas of learning.
  • Refine strategies used to identify learners’ current attainment.
  • Continue to refine and develop Target Tracker as a tool for objective led planning and tracking.
  • Develop standardisation and moderationwithin year groups and across phases.
  • Review and refine leadership responsibilities and monitor effectiveness of each role.
  • Provide CPD and mentoring to develop skills of middle leaders.
  • Early intervention and monitoring or provision target vulnerable children to ensure all make at least expected progress.
  • Embed marking and feedback strategies across the school.

Develop skilled staff, which provide quality first teaching and targeted support to all learners.

  • Refine the pupil premium strategy in each academy so that it is bespoke to the needs of individual learners.
  • Use EduKey effectively to track impact of provision on progress.
  • Train staff to deal with different needs.
  • Review curriculum provision for SEND and More able.





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