School Development Priorities


At Parish we are continually striving to offer your children the best that we can. In order to improve this year, we have set the following main priorities:-

  • Develop our literacy provision, with specialist teaching and intervention that will ensure that even more of our younger pupils achieve success in phonic screening.
  • Provide a large number of new non-fiction books and update our school library to further raise the profile of reading.
  • Work with our Aquinas Trust colleagues in developing high quality assessment which ensures consistency of approach for all our children and that learning matches the needs of all pupils.
  • Liaise with our parents in partnership so that everyone understands how to support the children in the next steps of their learning.
  • Celebrate our beautiful new 12-classroom facility and make sure that the learning reflects the environment.
  • Share the expertise of skilled colleagues across the Aquinas Trust in the delivery of high quality education.
  • Continue to work to close the gap in achievement of some of our more vulnerable pupils.
  • To maintain a broad, balanced and enjoyable curriculum which is accessible to all.


Ensure improvements in year-on-year progress are embedded by:

  • Ensure Curriculum objectives are covered in years 2 and 6 ready for new testing arrangements
  • Look at how Classroom Monitor can be used to teacher assess pupils throughout the year
  • Raise the awareness of maths non-negotiables throughout the school
  • Interventions are planned and provided from September 2015
  • Continue to embed the CLIC aspect of Big Maths and use of Hamilton Trust Planning 
  • Monitor pupil learning using Lesson Study in conjunction with Aquinas schools
  • Use 'manipulatives' within lessons as a matter of course
  • Explore the structure of weekly maths planning to incorporate more counting and number with an aspect of problem solving
  • Continue to develop links with Aquinas schools


  • Maintaining the profile of Literacy and all that it involves.
  • Raise awareness of the requirements of Literacy at Parish School.
  • Phonics training for support staff.
  • Refurbishment of the school library and book corners within classrooms.
  • Raising the standard of reading in KS1. 
  • Continuity of writing targets throughout the school. 
  • Ensure the Big Write is accessible for SEN children.
  • Awareness of how to level writing under the new ‘life without levels.’
  • Continue to develop links with Aquinas schools to share good practice and ideas.


  • Ensure new curriculum embedded across school
  • Determine progress made in Science across KS1 and 2
  • To develop an effective assessment system
  • To provide experience in secondary and Year 7 curriculum
  • Complete Science policy in line with Aquinas Trust
  • National Science week 11th-20th March 2016
  • Raise the profile of Science across the trust
  • To extend more able in KS2
  • Improve links with Aquinas trust and Bromley Schools science group


  • Ensure RE is sufficiently planned for throughout the year in every year group.
  • Ensure all Staff have sufficient subject resources.
  • To initiate and ensure consistent marking and assessment in RE.
  • To review RE policy.
  • To continue Clergy and Church Links.
  • ‘Health Check’ RE procedures and delivery
  • RE Quality Mark


  • To ensure the new Computing curriculum is being delivered
  • To monitor ICT & Computing teaching and learning across the school
  • To identify and learn how to use effectively the full range of ICT systems in place
  • To provide standards, training and support for all staff in the effective use of ICT systems across the school, in order to ensure consistency and efficiency of use
  • To improve E-Safety systems & embed the E-Safety curriculum
  • To review the E-Safety policy


  • Ensure that IPC is in line with the New National Curriculum
  • To ensure that British History is taught chronologically throughout the school.
  • Revive the whole school topic on The Brain
  • Review resources
  • Relocation and ordering of Art resources.
  • Launch new Arts Award scheme
  • Improve art skills across the school
  • Build on links with other IPC/Trust schools in our local area.


  • Continue to increase links with Bishop Justus D&T department.
  • To develop subject leader’s practical expertise and subject knowledge in more challenging aspects of the D&T curriculum.
  • To ensure that at least one member of staff present in a KS2 D&T cooking & nutrition lesson has the Level 2 Food & Hygiene qualification.
  • To ensure that the correct health and safety procedures are being followed when planning and teaching D&T.
  • To monitor the teaching of D&T through the new ‘Projects on a Page’ scheme to make sure that children are being provided with a genuine D&T experience.


  • Improved teaching of music through creative curriculum
  • Ensure all year groups are adequately resourced
  • Create a yearly cycle for assembly listening
  • Develop involvement in extra-curricular activities.


  • Ensure all staff feel a part of the EYFS team and understand what is expected of them.
  • To develop a multi-sensory outdoor area including a mud kitchen.
  • To ensure the new Reception baseline is implemented successfully and effectively.
  • To work with other schools in the trust to ensure consistency across settings and share best practise.
  • To develop visual target setting across other areas of learning.
  • To lead a phonics training/information evening for all reception parents/carers.
  • To develop story and challenge sacks to be sent home.
  • For all staff to be aware of children with specific medical needs.
  • For phase leader to learn all of the names of the children in the new cohort.

P4C & ‘MINDSET’ (Links with RE)

  • Development of Mindset culture for children and parents
  • Mentoring for vulnerable pupils
  • Risk taking/Positive thinking


  • To update SEN policy to comply with the Code of Practice
  • To continue improving Provision Mapping
  • To maximise the impact of LSS.
  • To deliver SEN Training for teaching staff and LSS
  • To liaise with Literacy Leader to develop support for SEN children in Big Write.
  • To review SEN resources
  • To start lunchtime clubs for children who find lunch times challenging
  • To support parents with vulnerable or SEN children.
  • To develop links with other SENCOs in the Aquinas Trust.


  • To implement baseline assessment in EYFS
  • To develop an effective method of assessment without levels
  • To review assessment procedures in Y1, Y3, Y4 and Y5 end of year and Y1-Y6 termly
  • To implement new statutory assessments in Y2 and Y6

Links with the Aquinas Trust

  • Development of the Aspire programme
  • Student training from new cross-phase programme and the Bromley collegiate
  • Continued RE links and activities
  • Leading teacher network established
  • Headteacher to mentor Interim Headteacher of Princes Plain School
  • Headteacher develops role as Primary Learning Director

‘Aspire’ programme

  • To develop consistent approach to outstanding learning
  • We have worked hard to achieve high quality learning and teaching, but now need to embed strategies which will encourage all staff to think about their practice through well researched programmes that can be shared at Parish and across the Aquinas Trust
  • This programme will be led by three senior staff and disseminated through training both at Parish and other schools in the project.  It will include opportunities to research good practise and share this across phases, and require colleagues to work on ideas/strategies that can be part of the ‘Aspire’ ongoing project development
  • We will be entitled to use the latest technologies to capture high-quality lessons in a spirit of shared good practice and to enable good practice to become outstanding through discussion and observation in a non-threatening, developmental structure

Development of role of Support Staff

We will continue to improve the way we support pupils through the interventions of support staff by:-

  • Training talented TAs to enable those who have the aptitude to become HLTAs
  • Further improve intervention to ensure that pupils who need support receive focussed, high quality learning
  • Ensure that skills of TAs are matched to appropriate needs
  • Developing the new role of lunchtime sports support to enable lunchtimes to be a more exciting and enjoyable experience
  • Provide support for vulnerable and underachieving pupils by appointing a mentor through pupil premium money
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