Who's Who


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Teaching Staff:

Mrs R Coleman - Headteacher (Safeguarding)

Mrs J Dixon - Deputy Headteacher (Safeguarding)

Miss G Gibbs - Assistant Headteacher (EYFS, Behaviour and Safety) - Year R Ruby

Mrs C Sykes - Assistant Headteacher (Assessment & Achievement) - Year 4 Onyx

Mrs C Kettle - Inclusion Manager (Literacy Subject Manager,  Safeguarding)

Miss A Watts - Year 6 Diamond

Mr E Samuels - Year 6 Zircon

Miss S Cordwell - Year 5 Opal

Mrs C Genovese - Year 5 Quartz (Year 5/6 Phase Leader)

Mrs N Aslett - Year 5 Pearl (Job Share)

Mrs R Sahyoun - Year 5 Pearl (Job Share) 

Mr M Powell - Year 4 Coral (Numeracy Subject Manager)

Miss L Ward - Year 4 Amethyst

Mr T Frankland - Year 3 Sapphire

Mrs M Al Bayati - Year 3 Aquamarine

Mrs P Hand - Year 3 Agate (Year 3/4 Phase Leader)

Mrs B Dennis - Year 2 Topaz (Job Share)

Mrs A Garcia - Year 2 Topaz (Job Share)

Mrs K Hollands - Year 2 Jade (RE Subject Manager)

Mrs F Pickard - Year 2 Emerald (Curriculum Manager)

Miss S Bray - Year 1 Amber (Year 1/2 Phase Leader)

Mrs C Cornish - Year 1 Citrine

Miss J Davis - Year 1 Gold

Mrs L Taylor - EYFS Garnet (Job share)

Mrs E Waller - EYFS Garnet (Job Share / PPA Cover)

Mrs E Orski - EYFS Jasper (Music)

Mr R Coe - PE Manager

Ms M Danino - Modern Foreign Languages Manager

Mrs R Guram - PPA Cover

Mrs V Pickering - PPA Cover

Mrs A Beckett - PPA Cover

 Mrs D Leeves - Maternity Leave

Mrs I McLaren-Doane - Maternity Leave


Office Staff:

Miss K Saxby

Mrs S Clifford

Mrs C Davey

Site Manager:

Mr P Khan

Assistant Caretaker:

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